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Playgroup – Get ready to explore

Kids 101 strongly believes in “Learning through play”. We are committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment where children can play and learn.

Our playgroups offer a range of different types of activities to support children’s development across all developmental domains including social, cognitive, emotional, physical and language development.

Our program is designed to inspire your children’s imagination, motivate your children through a wide range of physical and sensory exploration along with music, art and language activities. Our playgroup is the perfect setting for your child to begin socialising with their peers, learn to share, whilst gaining that critical early exposure to a native English language environment!

How will your children benefit from playgroup?

  • Enhance healthy early brain development through play
  • Develop sensory, social and communication skills
  • Learn to share and co-operate as they interact with peers
  • Develop fine and gross motor skills
  • Build confidence and stimulate imagination
  • Early exposure to the letters of the alphabet
  • Early exposure to numbers
  • Increased understanding of oral English interaction
  • Develop a happy and positive attitude towards English language acquisition


Little Angel 6-12 months

Enhance healthy, early brain development through a multitude of fine motor and gross motor skills activities. Parent – child bonding is an important element to the development of a child; this course is a perfect place for that. Students are able to participate in a multitude of artistic activities, developing sensory and fine motor skills whilst gaining early exposure to the English language.

Little Expert 12-18 months

Learn to share, socialise and interact.This course will help to build concentration and confidence through play. Students are able to participate in more advanced fine and gross motor skills activities, learning through doing. Our Little Experts learn English vocabulary through integrated art play, ensuring their increased attention and delight whilst being introduced to essential English vocabulary.

Little Ace 18-24 months

Focusing on communication, class routine and interaction through class activities. This class will build up their independence through designed tasks, preparing them for attending class independently, and increasing their confidence in completing tasks with independence. A greater emphasis is placed on caring and sharing in this course, providing plenty of opportunities for students to gain a basic understanding of empathy and awareness of their peers.

Little Genius Integrated English Class- Foundation Level 24+ months

This Independent Class is ideal for Kindergarten training or to boost their confidence through English. This is the foundational course for learning English at a higher level. Students in this class gain more exposure to letters and numbers, with a major emphasis on letter recognition and learning single phonic sounds through play. Students learn the basics of tracing, further developing their fine motor skills. This is the perfect way for your child to master all of the essential basics of English in a fun and lively setting!