English – Learn,chat, and play with our native English teachers!

Get ready to learn English by chatting and playing with our native English teachers. Our courses will help your children to improve their vocabulary, train up their presentation and communication skills, develop a solid understanding of phonetics, and increase fluency in English. From 3 years to 12 years- Kids 101 have got your children’s English language needs sorted!  Join us and become a little master of English.

Course (2.5 years old or above)

  • Little Prodigy   3+ years

    This course allows your child to practice their English through presentation, conversation and vocabulary building. Our native English teachers ensure that your child can happily and accurately hold conversations in English. Children learn to recognize letters,  and correctly identify single phonic sounds. This course is the perfect environment for your child to master the basics of English through fun and laughter!

  • Little Einstein  4+ years

    Students learn how to identify phonic blends in a fun and interactive way, ensuring success at this critical stage of English language acquisition. Students learn how to write freehand, transitioning from the prewriting stage. Students explore exciting and fundamental vocabulary topics, allowing them to increase their vocabulary base and work on their presentation skills. This course is perfect for students who wish to accentuate their knowledge of English whilst honing their conversational skills!

  • Little Linguist  4-5 years

    Students are introduced to more advanced phonics, such as split vowel pairs, in an interactive and engaging way. Students engage in themed discussions, allowing ample time for them to improve their conversational ability with our native English teachers.

  • Little Professor 5-6+ years

    Students are introduced to spelling, sentence structure, and reading. This is the perfect course to ensure your child will thrive in Primary school!

  • Little Grammatician 6-7 +years

    Students learn grammar in a fun and dynamic environment. This course encompasses the basics of grammar, ensuring your child’s comprehension of when and where to apply grammar rules, and reading comprehension. If you’re looking to perfect your child’s application of grammar and spoken English-this is the course for your Little Grammatician!

  • Little Scholar  7+ years Foundation

    This class allows your child to practice and perfect their knowledge of English. By using complex phonics and grammar, this is the best way for your child to become a Little Scholar. This course encompasses creative writing, reading comprehension, advanced grammar usage and advanced topic discussion.