DSCF6315About Kids 101

Kids 101 offers a wide range of after-school activities for your child. We are formed by a group of experienced teachers with expertise in different fields. We offer playgroup, music, art and crafts, and languages. Kids 101 is the latest offering from the renowned 101 Education Group. The Group has over 17 years’ of experience in the education field. Our flagship centre is located in Kowloon Tong with over 10,000 sq-ft indoor space and 3,000 sq-ft outdoor yard. Other 101 Education Group members include: Fun & Joy Music, Guocui Putonghua, 101 Learning Mall, 101 Playgroup, and 101 Parties & Events.

“One-Stop Learning Centre”

The concept of  “one-stop”  allows your children to benefit from our diverse range of programs all offered under one roof in our well-equipped centre.


  • Minimize travelling time
  • More flexible time management
  • Familiar environment helps develop sense of belonging
  • All-rounded assessment and training for your children
  • And hey! Have more free time for yourself!